From Ashes

[working blurb]

There’s only ever been one thing that’s been a constant in my life. Him. With him, I knew exactly where I stood: He couldn’t stand the life of me and the feeling was very much mutual.

It could have been the greatest love story ever told. It had the perfect ingredients for it after all: Broken rich boy meets poor young girl. She would heal his wounded soul, him her wounded heart, and they’d live happily ever after.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Mia Cavales has spent most of her life hating Ashley Sloane. Luckily, he hates her too, so no hard feelings, right?

Anyway, Mia has plenty on her plate and the last thing she needs to worry about is the King of Droids who keeps getting in her damn way.

From Ashes is coming autumn/winter 2017.

Genre: Contemporary M/F Romance

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