The Mysterious Sister

It was like looking into a mirror. Of course she didn’t know what a mirror was, but if she knew, that was what it was like.
    She raised her hand, trying to grab the girl in front of her, but something was in the way. Something invisible was blocking her way and she felt a strange sensation in her chest, a tightening, and she squeezed her eyes shut.
    But then the oddest thing happened.
    She kicked her!!! The girl behind the invisible veil kicked her!!!
    Why would she do that?!
    Her eyes flew open and what she saw made her heart sing. The girl was smiling at her. Through the veil she was smiling at her, and then she kicked her again. And because it was impossible to grab her, to touch her, she kicked back.
Oh, the joy to see the smile on her face!
    I will love this girl forever, she thought.
    And on the day they were born, the day she could finally grab the mysterious girl’s hand, her heart almost burst with joy when she felt her sister holding on right back.
    Yes, I will love this girl forever.
    And she did.

©Karina Rye, August 5th, 2016