It’s live, my lovelies 🙂

Check it out on Amazon: Amazon US and Amazon UK.


And if you wonder why it’s taken me a couple of days to write this blog post (since it was published on Thursday), it’s ’cause I’ve been crazy busy hiding away from the world, curling up under the duvet, unable to see or talk to anyone. Publishing your first book is sooo scary. I’d been told it would be, yes. But never ever could I imagine the severity of it.

Friday night saw me dragging my arse out to meet with my local writing group, and as usual, the experience was absolutely amazing. I love these people. I ended up leaving the meeting with renewed spirits and the knowledge that, even if I do fall flat on my face, it’s not the end of the world.

There are more important things out there than a newly-hatched wannabe writer who’s scared that her book isn’t good enough to be used as horse manure. And that’s just weird, ’cause e-book, tablet, manure, er, uh…

Anyway, we have to focus on the positives in this world. So many bad things have been happening lately, so right now it’s even more important to remember to smile, hold each other, and tell our loved ones that we love them. Because love is truly the greatest thing of all!

Yeah, I’m getting sappy now. Nonetheless, it’s the truth.

So, with those parting words, I wish you all a marvellous Sunday, and remember to smile and never stop dreaming.

Love, Karina xxx

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