In a few months it’ll have been one year since I published Worthy to Hold – my first novel.

It still feels like yesterday – the sleepless nights, the nausea, the never-ending self-doubt gnawing away at my soul, leaving me forever damaged.

I can’t wait to do it again!!!

Because despite how awful it feels hitting that publish button, it’s also the best feeling in the world. Having worked on something for so long, knowing something so intimately, and then releasing it into the void is like…(trying to find a neat little metaphor here, but it’s impossible)…honestly, it’s without comparison.

I have several WIPs going and I’m equally excited about every single one of them.

But first on my list, obviously, is From Ashes – Mia and Ash’s story. Mia breaks my heart and simultaneously makes me laugh out loud, and Ash, well, Ash I want to kill and kiss all at the same time. The perfect mix! I hope you’ll love them.

So, toodles, guys, keep safe! I gotta go – I have work to do.

Karina xxx ❤

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